Interior design magazines seem to be evading the relentless pincer onslaught of economy and digital. While motor vehicle, sporting, hobbyist and even fashion titles feel the pressure to lure smaller and cheaper advertisers, editorial markets in beautiful living spaces are holding their own.

And it stands to reason. Immersing yourself in pages and pages of design inspiration, fan-spread around you on the floor, is a ritual initiation and embracing of the months and months of stressful project management that await. You will cling to those mags, because you want design that is now. And you want a tangible storyboard of imagery that translates well with architects and builders. “Here, this is what I want my dream home to look like. Just like this. Do this.” And, at very least, you’ll get to live in a semblance of that perfect picture. Hopefully, for less than it looks.

But we digress. The point of choosing an aggressive magazine strategy to showcase Italtile Retail’s extensive designer range of tiles, ceramicware, taps and accessories, is that it positions the brand exactly as it ought to be – in a mindset where we all ‘live beautifully’. You don’t read an interior magazine, you delve into it. You also do not spend too much time pouring over the reams of ads at the beginning, the so-called prime space. You skip daintily along, eagerly anticipating that first, beautiful, breathtaking double-page spread of pictorial wonder. The interior magazine is the grown-up woman’s dollhouse. You’re going to spend hours and hours making up stories of your beautiful life ahead of you.

See? Digression keeps titillating and enticing, luring you ever deeper into the dream. Evolving from industry-standard, full page and double page ads, Italtile has embraced the very reason why people read interior mags in the first place. To lose themselves a while in beautiful, editorial content. Likewise, the several ad spaces that Italtile used to take across the leading South African titles are now pulled together in a consolidated Italtile editorial, capturing the dreamy reader in that ‘live beautifully’ mindset and delivering product information with reportage fashion sense.

Furthermore, embracing publishing as the new advertising prepares Italtile for the digital crossover. It’s advertising, but not as we all quite know it yet. Strategically, we’re pitching the message to the professional; the architect, interior designer and project manager. It induces confidence and following in the designer lay person who is about to embark on a costly project, where mistakes are costlier. So you want to take the best advice you can, the voice of design authority. Enter Italtile.

The 6-page layout is a ‘mini-mag’ within the publication, beginning with a masthead page and followed by editorial product snippets. Then there’s the latest product innovation from Italtile, always with elegantly unpacked intrinsics. Of course, being a retailer, we cannot resist a good promotion, all in keeping with the professional, designer approach.

Why not just start your own Italtile magazine, you ask? Do a Benetton Colors, a Plascon Spaces. Well, precisely because Italtile is part of the interior design process. There’s a tendency for brands to believe that their true success lies in one day being the only brand that really matters. This is where the dream becomes a pipedream, a fallacy. Italtile is very much the realist retailer, stocking the latest, designer innovations in ceramicware that complement the overall designer lifestyle appeal. It’s rare that you would wake up in the morning and think, “I just love beautifully designed toilets.” Though you’ll probably think just that after a visit to Italtile. The more exquisite your throne of thought, the better the thinking.