Issued by: Blast Brand Catalysts, By: Chris Midgley Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on the importance of paying attention to the small things. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Focus on the bigger picture and the small things will take care of themselves. These are two pieces of advice you can forget. [...]

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Growth can be difficult to achieve in the current environment which makes Blast Brand Catalysts’ achievements even more laudable. The agency has adapted to the challenges and is working with clients to drive progress. Independent agency, Blast Brand Catalysts, has spent the past 14 years specialising in brand identity development, advancement and advertising. The agency [...]

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What makes a great client service person?

When advertising executives are faced with this question, there are many traits that are discussed and mentioned. The more common answers include: Being constantly involved Great communication skills Foresight The ability to multi-task They challenge the client, they are not simply messengers Quick on their feet Fantastic people skills Idea generators Have good judgment Disciplined [...]

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So why should we trust you?

This question is one that consumers often think about and ask of businesses and brands every single day. There are a number of things that businesses and brands are doing that are aiding in giving customers reasons to believe and interact with them. These include: being authentic, honest, good corporate citizens, transparent as well as [...]

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Turning issues into assets

Every business and brand will have that one issue that will turn into a crisis. In my experience many issues stem from the point of communication (most often a lack thereof). Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft notes “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. While this is true, it is very dependent [...]

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Skills Shortage – Here is what you can do about it

There are many articles that have been written, and continue to be, around the concept of a “skills gap” or “skills shortage”. More and more South Africans are matriculating, getting their tertiary qualifications, yet struggle to find a job in the workplace. There are a large percentage of graduates who are taking (often unpaid) internships [...]

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The perfect team. Integrated or collaborative?

Collaboration is the new way of working. Niche experts come together in a bespoke arrangement to fit the mission critical requirements of the project. That’s the best practice theory, anyway. There are good reasons for getting independents to work together. Collaborative partners can plug ’n play as required. They can be cherry picked and substituted. [...]

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Blast Brand Catalysts

In an industry where a proliferation of start-up agencies is the norm, independent agencies that stand the test of time tend to stand out. That’s certainly the case for Blast Brand Catalysts, a hybrid brand agency that specialises in identity development, brand advancement and advertising. The agency was established 13 years ago by Chris Primos [...]

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