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Creative Director, Adrian Duffin, rejoins BBC. Creative Director, Adrian Duffin, has rejoined the BBC team 15 years after starting his career there back in January, 2001. He spent a seminal 5 years working closely with Creative Partner Angelo Beck, before moving on to then Brand Activation at Ogilvy, Brand Union and subsequently co-partner at The [...]

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CONTEXT. The difference between cutting through and getting lost. It’s not brain surgery. A great idea is only as good as its execution. Or reception. Right place, right time is always going to be a determining factor. But sometimes lobotomies do happen. Sometimes downright crises take over, like when Nike and Accenture had [...]

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Issued by: Blast Brand Catalysts, By: Chris Midgley Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on the difference between the two. Many articles have been written on the differences between simply being a boss and what it means to be a leader. While a leader can be a boss, one cannot say that [...]

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Issued by: Blast Brand Catalysts, By: Chris Midgley Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on the importance of paying attention to the small things. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Focus on the bigger picture and the small things will take care of themselves. These are two pieces of advice you can forget. [...]

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Issued by: Blast Brand Catalysts, By: Chris Midgley Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on what brands have to do to connect emotionally in the never ending busyness Recent studies globally on human stress levels and productivity paint a particularly grim picture for those in the working world. Longer days, less time [...]

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Growth can be difficult to achieve in the current environment which makes Blast Brand Catalysts’ achievements even more laudable. The agency has adapted to the challenges and is working with clients to drive progress. Independent agency, Blast Brand Catalysts, has spent the past 14 years specialising in brand identity development, advancement and advertising. The agency [...]

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Chris Primos chats with Celebrity MasterChef SA winner and entertainer, Chris Forrest. Chris Forrest does stand-up. His audience routinely does the falling down, the sidesplitting, the uncontainable rapture that has them rolling in the aisles. His cultivated stage persona, the vulnerable nebbish, is supremely delivered with the first, second and third laws of comedy – [...]

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Italtile Retail: Exquisite design starts with beautiful media planning

Interior design magazines seem to be evading the relentless pincer onslaught of economy and digital. While motor vehicle, sporting, hobbyist and even fashion titles feel the pressure to lure smaller and cheaper advertisers, editorial markets in beautiful living spaces are holding their own. And it stands to reason. Immersing yourself in pages and pages of [...]

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New partners at Blast Brand Catalysts

Advertising agency, Blast Brand Catalysts is pleased to announce two new shareholding partners in the business, Taryn Waldron and Hayden Hochfelden. Taryn joined in 2003. Having developed in both traffic and production functions, she is now invested in Blast Brand Catalysts as operations director. Hayden joined the team in 2010 and rapidly established himself as [...]

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Crossing new bridges

Blast Brand Catalysts has been engaged by healthbridge to contribute new impetus to their marketing.   [full class=""][/full] healthbridge is a well-established, successful B2B enterprise that processes medical aid claims in real time, facilitating immediate access to information between participating practices and the patient’s medical insurer. The campaign message needed to strike a diagnostic chord. [...]

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